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New York Lead

Abatement Contractor

Galermo Lead is an EPA-certified Lead Abatement contractor with a full team of abatement specialists and inspectors. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Our team has done hundreds of inspections and successful abatements all over NYC.

Lead-Based Paint Inspections

Our licensed inspectors use advanced XRF technology to evaluate your property for hidden lead in paint, providing a detailed report and solutions for addressing any hazards found.

Lead Hazard Abatements

Galermo Lead's EPA-licensed team ensures lead hazard elimination through approved methods, prioritizing cleanliness, safety, and tailored solutions for your budget and timeline.

HPD and DOH Violation Consulting

Our expertise in lead inspections and abatements allows us to assist property owners and managers with complex local regulations, paperwork, and compliance.

Whether you're a homeowner, contractor, or property manager, we understand the importance of eliminating lead hazards and creating a healthy living space.

Our comprehensive services encompass lead testing, containment, removal, and cleanup, all tailored to meet your specific needs.


Galermo Lead provides you with a comprehensive inspection report, including recommended solutions, to help you address any hazards identified by an inspection.


Galermo Lead's EPA-licensed team utilizes HPD-approved methods to effectively abate lead hazards, ensuring cleanliness, safety, and client satisfaction.

Violation Consulting

Our experienced team simplifies the complex process of complying with local regulations, offering successful lead inspections, abatements, and comprehensive support.

New York XRF
Lead Paint Testing

XRF lead paint testing, a non-destructive, fast, and cost-effective method utilizing portable x-ray machines known as XRF. These devices, short for x-ray fluorescence, are commonly employed by lead inspectors to penetrate surfaces and determine the presence of lead paint underneath.

In addition to XRF testing, we also offer a range of lead testing and lead abatement services.

Safety and

Safety is our top priority; all employees are licensed, experienced, and follow guidelines to clean meticulously, leaving a spotless work site.

Certification and Insurance

Our company holds certification directly from the Environmental Protection Agency and is insured by a top AAA firm, ensuring your care.


Get a risk assessment report, expert guidance, and EPA-certified professionals for lead testing and abatement. Call now for a consultation.

Expert Guidance and Consultation

Expert guidance, risk reports, lead testing, and abatement assistance provided. Certified team available. Schedule a consultation by calling today.

Have an HPD or DOH violation?

Call or email Galermo Lead today to talk to one of our experts, and let us handle it for you. We're based in Queens and we serve all 5 boroughs.

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Need to inspect your home before a renovation?

Today, get in touch with us to learn more about our XRF lead paint testing services. We are also available to have a conversation about our wide range of lead testing and lead abatement solutions.

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Galermo Lead is certified by the EPA as Lead Safe, specializing in lead paint testing and abatement. We provide comprehensive lead services.

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